Geothermal Heating and Cooling
[] Temperature control by means of a geothermal well system takes advantage of the ground temperature to efficiently heat/cool the units saving residents substancial costs.

Ventilation and Window System
[] The units are designed to maximize natural illumination and ventilation through the application of bi-fold
sliding glass doors and multiple operable windows and skylights, which creates a "chimney effect" reducing
the need for A/C by 17%.

[] The buildigs are equipped for the installation of solar panels, which will efficiently power 25% of each unit's electrical fixtures.

Green Construction
[] Using locally sourced buiding materials and pre-engineered lumber decreased transportation handling and waste. Installing T&G factory primed cedar siding and high thermal resistance insulation minimizes air leakage. The standing seam metal
roof has a 100 year lifespan and reflects hot summer heat.


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