Regatta Mediterranean Resort
Tripoli , Libya

By creating a new seawall 80 to 100 meters beyond the site in the sea, the hotel concept was created based on bridging over a protected body of water. This body of water is the location of a new boating marina and seaport for seaplanes. The seawall is also used as a new beach front for the hotel patrons.

The hotel is equipped with high-rising archways that will be constructed out of steel trusses formed in the shape of an Islamic arch. These arches ascend 15 stories and function as a symbolic gesture welcoming the world. Libya , as an Islamic society, is opening up to host tourists, businesses, world activities and events, and is unique for its location along the Mediterranean Sea and proximity to Europe and the growing Gulf region.

The steel truss arches enclose glass towers housing glass elevators, which are connected to moving walkways above, allowing those in the elevators and on the walkways to view the sea and City of Tripoli in the distance, and to view the marina and the seaport below.


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